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The best nightclub experience in Cork…

We truly believe Club Bodega is Cork’s best nightclub experience and one of the most unique nightclub venues in Ireland. When asked what makes The Bodega so unique compared to other nightclubs in Cork, we always answer with two reasons, the design and the experience.
Bodega Nightclub Cork

The Design

The owners of the Bodega set out on a journey to create a clubbing venue that Cork had not seen the likes of before. They envisioned a space that combined both an organic feel and a state-of-the-art design, and a club that was renowned as an acoustic and visionary masterpiece.

Like all visions, it was no easy feat, and one that required months of careful research and preparation, on both the architectural and acoustic fronts. After months of hard work master sound engineer Duncan of Blackwater Studios, architect Huw O’ Tool and lighting guru Matt Cragg took a trip down to the good people at Thomann (nightclub equipment suppliers ) complete with drawings in hand. The w wheels turned <they were set in montion months before, when the planning started!>and some months later the vision soon became a reality. The Bodega was born.

Bodega Architecture & Design

While Bodega means winery in Spanish, the club possess an authentic clubbing feel. The real Spanish meaning is reflected by the Spanish architectural staples and décor throughout the building, which showcase the Bodega’s true class and gives it a timeless appeal. The building itself  is reminiscent of a “Gaudi” like cathedral structure; it has pewter bar counters, classic black and white check board flooring, low hanging chandeliers, along with one-off architectural elements that ensure an elegant and welcoming experience for all. Tall marble pillars are strategically placed throughout the venue that create a high arched ceiling, and form a high performance acoustic ceiling system that is  an audio visual masterpiece, bespoke to the Bodega.

All these elements considered, it’s no wonder we hold the venue in such high regard and can think of no other nightclub in the country that can genuinely lay claim to such efforts. We believe the Bodega is not only one of the best clubbing venues, but one of the most attractive stand-alone buildings in Cork.

The Experience

The Bodega’s owners have a long standing relationship with Cork’s nightlife. They have a wealth of experience and been involved in the club and pub scene in Cork for over 20 years. This has led to a deep understating of what Corkonians, tourists and out of town backpackers are seeking from a night out. Drawing upon this knowledge, has led to the creation of a truly multicultural and unique clubbing experience for all those who enter the Bodega’s doors.Bodega Nightclub

There’s a strong focus on comfort and service, with plenty of lounging areas on each of the three floors, as well as a luxurious heated terrace to relax and take time out. The terrace overlooks the smoking area, so you can enjoy a spot of people watching if that takes your fancy – the  bustle of Cork nightlife really is a fun sight to behold.

There are four bars, two on the bottom floor, one on the second floor and one on the third floor – so getting a drink is never a problem.  The owners have given each bar its own unique stamp, and hence, you’ll find a different mix conjugated at each counter. So, if you’re a bit of a mover and shaker, you’ll truly be at home here, and enjoy a multi-cultured experience, moving from one bar to the next, mixing with a variety of cultures and nationalities on the  way.

The focal point of the club is, of course, the dance-floor which takes up the majority of the first floor. Finding a space to get down and boogie with friends will never be a problem.

Fun Nightlife Cork

Admission is free before 11.30pm, and resident DJ’s Fadd JNR and Ross Curley are in-house every Friday and Saturday.

If you’re a real music junky, feel free to take a peek at our Facebook page to see what’s going down, you can check out our music policy and current flavour. We also offer a number of value saver drinks deals.

What makes this club special is it has something for everyone, no matter what your age or nationality. We take great pride in the fact our residents feel like they’re in the right place at the right time – every time!

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